What is the technology behind your automated title searches?

We use a combination of UI Path’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool, OCR/ICR, Cloud and AI technologies to perform title search and report keying.

How did you determine the searching logic for the Title Hunter bot?

The searching logic has been carefully defined by our subject matter expert who has more than 17 years of nationwide title search experience.

How do you ensure you have retrieved the FVD and all pertinent documents?

We apply multiple validation points including address, name, legal, PIN, and reference docs to assess that the data retrieved from the assessor page and title chain are valid instruments and need to be included in the search package.

Do you use your own online plant subscriptions or your clients?

We can work in both scenarios and we’ll suggest the option which affords our clients the best pricing.

Will you be providing automated searches in all areas of the country?

No, we are working on a few states at a time but will update our county rollout roadmap on the site. Please contact us for specific state/county inquiries. 

Do you provide a detailed summary of all open mortgages/DOT’s?
Yes, once the bot completes a search, it prepares a summary report containing all documents pulled against the subject property.
How fast does the bot complete a search?

A search is typically completed between 5 – 15 minutes, or faster, depending on the product and owner/property history.

What type of searches do you provide?

We are providing current owner searches, deed & mortgage searches, tax reports, and updates for residential refinance files and property reports associated with Loan Mods, HELOC’s, AVR’s and other general real property inquiries. We anticipate launching 2 owner searches by the end of 2020.

What is your order turn-around time?

Turn time will vary based on our order flow and product scope, but you can expect to receive an order back in 2 to 6 hours from receipt, and likely sooner. We can deploy additional bots should turn times exceed our standard range.

How will I receive the completed search packages?

You will receive an email with a link to a shared drive folder to download the completed search package. We are also open to platform integrations if that would better suit your needs.

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